Sunday, December 11, 2011


My first post on this blog
Well I’m excited to see where this goes hopefully further than I hope luckily I have low expectations for everything most of the time.  So I guess I should say what it is I’m mostly going to be collecting and that is video games, movies, anime, manga, comics and if possible figures.  I intend on updating weekly probable with objects of interest, pick-ups and maybe some reviews.  And to wrap up this post I suppose ill lay down my guide lines for value of items going by this guide helps even out true values.

  American comics: Rounded retail value (i.e. Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo - $15)
  Manga: $8 unless a non standard copy (i.e. Death Note Black Edition vol 1 - $15)
  Game guides: small - $5 large - $10 huge – rounded retail (i.e. Turok 3 guide - $5)
  DVD movies: $5 a piece unless specified otherwise (i.e. Airplane -  $5)
  Anime volumes: $10 a piece unless specified otherwise (i.e. Trigun vol 2 - $10)
  Anime movies: $20 a piece unless specified otherwise (i.e. Akira - $20)
  Box sets: Rounded retail value or current market value(i.e. NGE platinum tin collection - $200)
  VHS: Current market value(i.e. FF7 collectors video - $25)
Video games
  Systems: current market value (i.e. N64 black - $20)
  Games: $1-$15 unless specified otherwise (i.e. Majoras Mask CIB - $35)
  Arcades: what I pay for it or average value (i.e. Big Red Metal Slug dedication - $250)
  PCB: $75 unless specified otherwise (i.e. Black Tiger - $75)
  All: Retail Value unless stated otherwise (I don’t currently own any so I have no examples to give)

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